300K Downloads – thank you :)

We are happy to see that Greenshot has been downloaded 300,000 times so far from sourceforge.net… What’s more: there have been more than 100,000 downloads within the last six months. Wow :)

Here are Greenshot’s all time download stats on sourceforge.net.

This is a good occasion to say thank you to those who donated – your appreciation is very motivating to keep things going :)
And of course, thanks to everyone supporting Greenshot in whatever way. We really appreciate your support.

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11 Responses to 300K Downloads – thank you :)

  1. ju8ular says:

    hi, this is a fantastic little utility saving me a *lot* of time at work. the only feature request I’d add is a “blur” option – like the rectangle or oval tool, being able to blur out sensitive data in the image capture.

    great job guys, keep it up!

  2. Robin says:

    Hello ju8ular,
    the feature you are looking for is already there, since version 0.8. It’s called Obfuscate, which is available as Blur or Pixelize.
    Best wishes,

  3. greenshot says:

    Actually, there are a lot of ways to give feedback to Greenshot: this blog, Facebook, Twitter, the bug/feature request tracker and forums on sourceforge. Perhaps we should point out existing possibilities better. Another channel would probably lead to parts of the feedback going unnoticed.

    Interesting link anyway, thanks :)

  4. chlitto says:

    single scattered requests that nobody can see in one place is soo xx century! its about social feedback and voting for the best ideas in a userfriendly environment :)
    but sourceforge can work too, i didnt see that one…
    (but it would be much better to use a “proper tool”, it build a community)

  5. greenshot says:

    Yes, some of the feedback tools seem to be great indeed and worth thinking about it…
    Of course, the sourceforge stuff is a bit old style ;-) But speaking of “one place” – that’s exactly the problem, we already have some ;-) each one of them being important in one way or another.

  6. chlitto says:

    many of them have twitter / facebook integrations ;] and the “Best Way To Get Help” sourceforge link can be changed :>

  7. Chris C. says:

    Lovely little tool!
    Tried to update to latest stable version just now, but the d/l link doesn’t resolve.

    Lately, I am not able to paste my pic captures into Outlook email , I hit Paste & nothing pastes(v 0.7.009), hence wanting to try more recent version. It just stopped working for some reason.

    Kindest Regards,


  8. Alex says:


    nice tool, is it avialible as msi file too, for 32bit and 64bit?

    kind regards

  9. greenshot says:

    Did you get the link working? I have never had any problems with it, there has probably been a temporary issue with the SourceForge site (where our downloadable files reside). Please try to download again.

    We have changed a lot for Greenshot 0.8, also made improvements to the clipboard code, there are good chances that your problem is resolved with the new version.

  10. greenshot says:

    Hi Alex,
    Currently the installer is not available as msi file. The current is reported to be working fine on 32 and 64bit systems, though.