Small bugfix release today

The current version, Greenshot 0.8.0-0627, fixes some bugs and/or annoyances of the previous version. This includes a few errors that occurred under special circumstances. The most obvious changes in general are that new editor windows now open in the same position where previous editor windows have been closed, highlight and obfuscator elements no longer re-use the last used values (e.g. for line thickness and color) from other elements (e.g. rectangle) and that larger font sizes are allowed in the editor (has been limited to 24px before).

We recommend updating to the current version of Greenshot.

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4 Responses to Small bugfix release today

  1. Stefan Thieme says:

    Dear Greenshots,

    I really like the features you built into the software, especially how you can highlight or obfuscate some things.
    That said I appreciate your work and would like to give you some positive feedback, please remind me if I may have missed something or you have changed the behaviour I am describing in a later version. I have Greenshot 0.8.0 Build 0627 installed.

    Being used to take a lot of screenshots let me make some recommendations for further cleansing up of the tool.
    * I am used to select a specific rectangle with Ctrl+Print, which usually gives me most Control of what I select.
    * Selecting a Window/Section is the second most important feature, currently I have to press Print and then press the space bar. I would prefer to either select this hotkey, e.g. simply Print or Alt+Print. (1)
    Also the space bar sometimes hangs in my version, I have to select a small rectangle and before releasing the Mouse Button I hit space.
    * The Editor Window that appears should be triggerable by the space bar, this way I can decide before releasing the mouse button whether I want to edit/highlight/obfuscate the screenshot I am going to take. This mode setting could be shown by a small test or an edit Icon somewhere top left/right corner of the screen. (2)
    * In the Edit window I usually want to make some adjustements that I want to either save or copy into another application. Currently I have to select Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C to update the contents of the ClipBoard and also for saving I have to select Ctrl+A and Ctrl+S to retain my changes.
    I would like to be able to define this task, i.e. when I choose to edit a screenshot, see previous point, I usually prefer to save/copy the changed version. Could you make this a Preferences Option by default. (3)
    * When closing the Editor I currently get a request that asks me whether I want to save the file. Usually I have either copied it to the clipboard and inserted it into a document or want to have it saved. This is a general Preferences Options as well, I should be able to select whether this last screenshot is saved automatically to some folder Edited Screenshots. The current default Preferences Option of automatically saving the Original Screenshot is fine as well, but I am mostly interested in the edited. Maybe both Options for Autosave can coexist with either different folders or _edited_ pre/postfix notations to the filenames. (4)
    The current default behaviour to confirm every Editor window before closing is a tedious task, for which it should be possible to disable this safeguard feature in the Preferences for power users.

    I assume these are mostly minor changes that would propel your tool as the number one screenshot solution on my USB stick with portable apps, as well as on my Linux notebook for heavy mugshot usage. I hope that you will accept these usability/accessibility additions as your current shortcuts for Lines, Arrows, Rectangles, Ellipses, Text Obfuscation and Highlighting are already very intuitive to me!

    Kind regards,

  2. greenshot says:

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, Stefan.

    (1) Can’t you use the existing hotkey Alt+Print in order to capture windows? You should not have to start region mode and then switch to window mode by hitting the space key….
    And yes, there are some special situations in which the space bar would not work during region mode – this has something to do with window focus. We are aware of this and will fix it.

    (2) I have added this as a feature request. Seems to be a useful feature to me. Feel free to monitor the tracker item and add new feature requests if you have more ideas how Greenshot could be improved :)

    (3) and (4) I am not sure if I understood this correctly, but these two points are basically referring to the same things, right? When using the editor screenshot destination in combination with clipboard and/or save to file destination, you would prefer to have the image copied/saved when closing the editor window, or maybe both – before and after editing. Is that correct?

    Thanks again,

  3. Jozef says:

    Dear Greenshots.
    Your program is very nice. But it would be better, if the program should have function paste (add) new screenshot into the previous image, (screenshots). What do you think about it?

  4. greenshot says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Jozef.
    You can do this already, however (currently) not directly.
    Just take two screenshots, so that there are two editor windows open. Copy one of the screenshots to the clipboard (Ctrl+Shift+C), focus the other editor window and paste the image (Ctrl+V). Here you are, screenshot within screenshot :)