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A) Requirements (3)

Is Greenshort really portable?

It depends on your definition of portability. Some people would argue that it is not, because it needs to have the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or later installed. As this is already the case on most computers, we regard Greenshot … Continue reading

Are there any dependencies to other software / frameworks?

Yes. Greenshot is written with and for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and can’t run without having this installed. Any version from 2.0 up to 4.5 should work. Of course, this limits usage to PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating … Continue reading

Why does Windows 8 suggest to install earlier .NET versions when starting Greenshot?

In case you are using Windows 8, you might see a message when starting Greenshot, saying “An app on your PC needs the following WIndows feature: .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)”. Just skip it. As far as … Continue reading

B) Installation (8)

Where can I find Greenshot’s log file?

In case you encounter things not working as expected in Greenshot, the log file might help use to help you: it hopefully contains some information on what went wrong, and maybe even why. Greenshot’s log file is called Greenshot.log. Depending … Continue reading

How can I backup my Greenshot configuration? Or transfer it to another machine?

Greenshot’s configuration is stored within a single file called Greenshot.ini. You can either find it in the program directory (if you are using the ZIP distribution) or in Greenshot’s AppData directory (if you used the installer), which is located in … Continue reading

Whenever I try to start Greenshot, I get a message “An instance of Greenshot is already running”.

By default, Greenshot is designed to start up automatically with Windows. You can change this either during the installation process or in Greenshot’s settings dialog. If you did not change this option, you do not have to start Greenshot manually, … Continue reading

How can I avoid Greenshot opening a browser window at the end of the installation process?

Currently, there is no way to turn this off. If you cannot live with it doing so, we recommend using the ZIP distribution instead of the installer. Please remember: Greenshot is free of charge, and the program itself is free … Continue reading

Where does Greenshot store its configuration settings?

Greenshot keeps its configuration in a file called Greenshot.ini. Its storage location depends on which version of Greenshot you are using as well as your Windows version: If you are using the installer version of Greenshot, the file is stored … Continue reading

What is the best way to control Greenshot’s configuration at install time?

Greenshot offers several mechanisms for better control over its configuration, especially useful when deploying Greenshot to several computers, e.g. roll-out in a company. Greenshot looks for config files in the following locations (and accepts the first location it finds a … Continue reading

In which cases should I use the ZIP package instead of the installer?

The majority of users will be happy to use the exe installer. We recommend to do so, it is the easiest way to get started. However, there a some use cases in which you might prefer the ZIP version: Using … Continue reading

What exactly does the exe installer do?

The Exe Installer does the following things: check pre-requisites (.NET 2.0 or higher) display the license, ask where and what to install uninstall any previously installed Greenshot copy all the Greenshot files, including selected languages and plugins, to Program files\Greenshot … Continue reading

C) Usage (9)

Do I have to pay for using Greenshot?

Greenshot is free in terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Basically, that means that end users may use this program free of charge for private as well as commercial purposes. This is probably the case for the large … Continue reading

Greenshot uses x MB of my RAM, why is that?

Before talking about memory usage, let’s make sure we are talking the same language: there are some points to notice, and a lot of things that are easily misunderstood. Which Greenshot version are you using? If it is not the … Continue reading

Where should I report bugs?

If you think you enountered an error, feel free to create a bug report ticket in our ticketing system at Sourceforge. You can find the link on the right-hand side of our website, along with other ways to get help … Continue reading

Why does the Print key not work in some windows?

If you are using Windows Vista or later and have Greenshot running without admininstrator privileges, while the currently active (i.e. focused) program window is running with administrator privileges, Windows’ User Account Control will not notify Greenshot that the Print key … Continue reading

How can I use the Windows key as global hotkey for Greenshot?

There are some special keys that are handled differently by Windows and therefore cannot be inserted into the hotkey configuration panel (Settings > Hotkeys) directly. E.g. this is the case with the Windows or Pause keys. However, you can still … Continue reading

How can I use Greenshot for OCR?

For the Greenshot OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plug-in to work we are depending on a component from Microsoft called MODI (Microsoft Office Document Imaging). If this is installed Greenshot will activate the plugin (if installed) and you will have an … Continue reading

Is there any way to optmize the PNG files?

As of version 1.1, Greenshot has functionality to use PNG optimizers, like OptiPNG, which can reduce the filesize of PNG files drastically. Currently this functionality is disabled by default as we don’t include a tool due to size and license … Continue reading

How can I insert line breaks in text boxes when using Greenshot’s image editor?

Usually, screenshot annotations are of a brief nature and thus don’t need paragraphs and line breaks – this is why Enter and Return finish editing of a text box instead of inserting a line break, similar to other software e.g. … Continue reading

How can I paste screenshots into Skype?

If you need to copy&paste into Skype, have a look into the settings dialog, Expert tab. After confirming that you are knowing what you are doing you can configure the list of formats that are stored into the clipboards. Skype … Continue reading

D) Development (3)

Will there ever be a Greenshot version for Linux or Mac?

Probably not, at least not in the near future. Greenshot is written with the Microsoft .NET framework, which does not run on Linux or iOS systems. Of course there is mono which allows runnning .NET apps on operation systems other … Continue reading

Will there ever be a Portable Apps version of Greenshot?

Actually, there is. With Greenshot 1.1 we have released an additional installer in PortableApps format, you can download it from our version history. You might also want to try our portable ZIP distribution, which is available for download on the … Continue reading

What can I do to support the development of Greenshot?

There are several ways to show your appreciation for Greenshot, Paypal, Flattr, direct transfer or the Amazon affiliate program. Greenshot is free of charge and free of ads, however some of our costs are covered by website advertising. If you … Continue reading

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