What is the best way to control Greenshot's configuration at install time?

Greenshot offers several mechanisms for better control over its configuration, especially useful when deploying Greenshot to several computers, e.g. roll-out in a company.

Greenshot looks for config files in the following locations (and accepts the first location it finds a config file in):

  1. installation directory (where Greenshot.exe is located)
  2. the executing user's roaming application data directory (e.g. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Greenshot\)

There may be three files to control the configuration, each one of them may have all or a subset of the configuration parameters Greenshot offers. The files are loaded in the following order, each one overwriting the configuration parameters of the previous (if set):

  1. greenshot-defaults.ini
  2. greenshot.ini
  3. greenshot-fixed.ini

Use greenshot-defaults.ini to provide your users with a common default configuration, e.g. where files should be stored or whether Greenshot should check for newer versions.
greenshot.ini is used by Greenshot to store any settings changed by the user.
Usegreenshot-fixed.ini to force a set of configuration settings whenever Greenshot starts up. E.g. you might want to ensure that all users use the grayscale option for printing. This file is loaded last, so specifying a setting in here will overwrite the same setting (if present) from the previous files. In most cases fixed settings can also not be changed in Greenshot's settings dialog. If a user succeeds in changing the configuration manually, it will be overwritten again when Greenshot is started next time.

Greenshot will not modify greenshot-defaults.ini or greenshot-fixed.ini. If greenshot.ini is not found in both locations, it will be created automatically in the roaming application data directory, the configuration will then be aggregated from Greenshot's default configuration and greenshot-defaults.ini/greenshot-fixed.ini (if present).

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