Download Greenshot

Download the latest stable release


(Info for Windows 8 users)

In most cases, the latest stable version will be the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for the latest unstable version, need an older version or the ZIP distribution, you will find everything you need in the version history.

Source code

If you want to download or have a look at the source code, you can do so at Greenshot’s Git respository at BitBucket.

Download translations

If you want to use Greenshot in another language, simply download the appropriate language file and save it to the “Languages” subdirectory of Greenshot’s installation directory.
Note: EN English and DE German language files are included in the program by default.

DE language-de-DE.xml
FR language-fr-FR.xml
QC language-fr-QC.xml
ID language-id-ID.xml
NL language-nl-NL.xml
NO language-nn-NO.xml
PL language-pl-PL.xml
PT language-pt-PT.xml
RU language-ru-RU.xml
SI language-sl-SI.xml
RS language-sr-RS.xml
SE language-sv-SE.xml
TR language-tr-TR.xml
UA language-uk-UA.xml
CN language-zh-CN.xml
TW language-zh-TW.xml

NO help-nn-NO.html
CN help-zh-CN.html

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