Happy Birthday to Greenshot + New Bugfix Release 1.1.8

Hey, did you know that Greenshot just had it’s seventh anniversary? To celebrate it, we have just uploaded a new release of Greenshot, version 1.1.8. Join the party :)

It mainly consists of bugfixes and small improvements, most notably improved clipboard support, configurable file naming for the Imgur plugin, as well as better readability when editing white or very bright text in the image editor.

As always, you can download the latest stable version from our download page.

For more details, the complete list of changes in Greenshot 1.1.8: Bugfix Release

Bugs resolved:
* Bug #1578: Changed the behavior of creating filenames for Imgur to be configurable, default will be the date/time.
* Bug #1580: removed device names for capture fullscreen submenu in multi-monitor setups, which sometimes delivered inconsistent results or even garbage characters. Sticking to descriptive text like "bottom left", which is more useful anyway.
* Bug #1581: Ini-file reading is now done without locking the file, this should help a bit in cases where other applications have this file open.
* Bug #1600: Found that Greenshot uses a wrong URL format on the clipboard, this fix might solve some issues
* Bug: When capturing client windows on a DWM enabled system (Vista & Windows 7) with "auto" set, sometimes the capture had a blurred/transparent effect.

* Feature #663: dark background for textbox input when editing bright-colored text
* Feature #667: destinations with subdestinations can now be clicked to invoke the "main" subdestination

* Updates for Swedish translation and help, new Swedish translations for plugins and installer
* Improvements for German translation and help
* Bug #1608: Fixed typo in French translation

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New Bugfix Release with Important Change for Box.com Users

So here is another release in 2013 – probably the last one ;-) Important especially for those using Greenshot’s Box plugin to send screenshots directly to Box.co. Box.com is applying a breaking change to the authentication API on December 13th, which means that the Box plugin released with Greenshot 1.1.6 will no longer work – we have changed the plugin to work with the new API as of Greenshot 1.1.7.

There are also some bug fixes, especially we got rid of an annoying problem with screenshots being exported to the wrong Word document.
You can read detailed information in the change log below or download Greenshot 1.1.7 right now.

We switched our version control system from Subversion (SVN) to Git and have moved our repository to BitBucket, you can find it here: https://bitbucket.org/greenshot/greenshot/overview
This change makes it easier for other developers to supply patches to our code by sending us pull requests. Bugfix Release

* We moved our repository to BitBucket (GIT), this forced us to change the build script and the version

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to http://sourceforge.net/p/greenshot/bugs and search on the ID):
* Bug #1517: (now it is really fixed) export to Microsoft Word always goes to the last active Word instance.
* Bug #1589/#1584 System.NullReferenceException
* Bug #1574: AccessException when loading plugins

* Changed the Box plug-in to use the new V2 API, which is mandatory from 13.12.2013. The Box plug-in now needs the .NET 3.5 Full Framework.

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Promised: No Bundled Installers, No Toolbars, No Unfair Advertisements

As Greenshot is a free and open source project, we depend on donations and advertising to keep the project running. You probably know that already, since we published a blog post about our thoughts of advertising not so long ago.

Recently, some users told us that bundled stuff like browser toolbars etc. had been installed on their computer by what they assumed was the Greenshot installer, which would have surprised us a lot, since there are no bundled installers or similar annoyances in Greenshot. We are convinced that bundled installers are abusing the user’s trust and therefore we strongly oppose to it, no matter how much money marketing companies pay for them. In dialog with our users and with some research we then found out that these issues actually had nothing to do with our installer at all.

Unfortunate advertisements on SourceForge and our website

The problem was of another nature: our advertising service (which happens to be the same as SourceForge’s) recently started to deliver advertisements with big green buttons on it, labeled “Download”. The advertised pages do not offer the original Greenshot installer, but other software. However, this fact is not obvious on these pages (probably intended), one of them even offered an executable called Greenshot_Setup.exe.

greenshot-2013-11-16 10_13_28Of course, we get more ad revenue when advertisements are clicked, but we certainly do not want to trick our users into clicking them accidentally, let alone into installing any other tools than Greenshot.

If this has happened to you: please take our honest apologies, we are very sorry for that. Our advertisements are delivered by Google Adsense, so if you installed anything from their ads, you might want to know that they at least have very strict rules for advertisers.

We are absolutely positive about web advertising to keep web projects going, but we believe ads must be fair and must not impose constraints on visitors.
As a consequence, we have blocked all known advertisers with those unloved “download button ads” from our website and made advertisements even more recognizable by applying a prominent border. We have also gotten in touch with SourceForge asking them to get rid of these ads, too.

Help us to keep advertisements clean

We can blacklist advertisements we regard unfair or misleading, but of course new advertisements may come in now and then. Also, depending on where you live you might see ads that we will never see over here. Please help us to get rid of them, send uns an email, and don’t forget to include a screenshot of the advertisement and (important) the URL it directs you, otherwise we cannot block it.

Bundled installers from SourceForge (aka DevShare)

Speaking of SourceForge: lately we got repeatedly approached about bundled installers in SourceForge downloads. There seems to be a big misunderstanding related to this: It is true that SourceForge offers a revenue program called DevShare to projects hosted on their platform, which involves a bundled installer. However, this program is opt-in. As long as the developers of a project do not explicitly choose to take part in DevShare, SourceForge are not bundling anything with the installers.

We, the Greenshot development team, have decided to keep our installer clean, without a doubt, now and in future.

Further considerations

We are concerned about these alarming flows around free and open source software. This concern mainly relates to practices of reckless people or companies trying to make money on the back of open source projects and their users, but also (to some extend) to the advertising strategy of SourceForge. We are currently considering further steps like moving our installer downloads to another server where we have better control over the ads. Unfortunately, qualititive and reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting is not cheap.

We are not alone: the developers of the open source image editor GIMP no longer upload their releases to the SourceForge file system; for the sake of completeness and fairness, here is SourceForge’s statement regarding to this discussion.

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How to Upload Screenshots to a Web Server via FTP, SCP or SFTP

WinSCP logo Ever needed to upload screenshots directly to a server using the FTP, SCP or SFTP protocol? Actually it is quite easy to harness WinSCP’s great scripting capabilities with Greenshot’s flexible external command plugin. This blog post provides a simple WinSCP upload script and explains how to make Greenshot call the script to upload your screenshot.

Sidenote: we know, a specialized plugin for this would be a nice thing to have. A WinSCP plugin is definitely near the top of our todo list, but it probably will not be available before Greenshot 2.0. So in the meantime the following method is a good alternative.

If WinSCP is not installed on your system yet, you can download it from http://winscp.net/, it is free and open source, too.
If you have not heard of Greenshot’s External Command Plugin yet or if you are not familiar with the Windows command line, you might want to have a look at How to use the External Command Plugin to send screenshots to other applications.

Configuring the upload script

It just needs a few lines to put together a WinSCP script that opens a connection, uploads a single file and closes the connection again – we have prepared a simple script for your convenience. Simply download the WinSCP upload script and store it on your hard disc. Of course, the script needs to know where to upload the files to, so you need to change your the connection settings (in the line starting with open) as well as the target directory on the server (starting with cd).

Testing the upload script

We recommend to test the script from the command line to see whether everything is alright. You can invoke the script by entering something like this into your command line:
"C:\path\to\WinSCP.com" /script="C:\path\to\winscpupload.txt" /parameter // """C:\path\to\testfile.jpg"""
Of course, C:\path\to\ should reference the path to the files on your local hard disc.

If everything works fine, the script should output something like

batch abort
confirm off
Searching for host...
Connecting to host...
Using username "user".
Authenticating with pre-entered password.
Starting the session...
Reading remote directory...
Session started.
Active session: [1] user@example.com
testfile.jpg | 80 KiB | 37,8 KiB/s | binary | 100%
Session 'user@example.com' closed.
No session.

Configuring Greenshot to call the upload script

The rest is pretty easy:

  1. Select “Configure external commands” from Greenshot’s main menu
  2. Click the “New” button and enter the following values
  3. Name: WinSCP Upload
  4. Command: C:\path\to\WinSCP.com
  5. Argument: /script="C:\path\to\winscpupload.txt" /parameter // """{0}"""

Configuring external command for WinSCP upload script Take care of the correct syntax, especially the quotes: if there is a space somewhere in a file system path, you need to wrap it into quotes. The last part of “Argument” is literally """{0}""", including the 6 double quotes and curly braces. (Greenshot will replace {0} with the filename of the screenshot.)

That’s it. After confirming the new external command, you can use the WinSCP Upload option for future screenshots, from the destination picker or the editor’s “File” menu.

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Greenshot 1.1.6 is ready for download

Not so long ago we have announced that Greenshot 1.1.6 is near, today it is here :)

It includes a few new features/improvements but is mainly a bugfix release, fixing some issues that have been reported for the previous version, especially for those who were having problems with Greenshot “forgetting” their settings now and then and for two problems that occurring when exporting screenshots to Microsoft Office.

The new version is eagerly waiting for you to download it, so don’t keep it waiting and get it from our download page.

Here is the complete changelog for Greenshot 1.1.6 – enjoy :)

1.1.6 build 2779 Bugfix Release

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to http://sourceforge.net/p/greenshot/bugs and search on the ID):
* Bug #1515: Changed the settings GUI to clearly show that the interactive Window capture mode doesn't use the windows capture mode settings.
* Bug #1517: export to Microsoft Word always goes to the last active Word instance.
* Bug #1525/#1486: Greenshot looses configuration settings. (At least we hope this is resolved)
* Bug #1528: export to Microsoft Excel isn't stored in file, which results in a "red cross" when opening on a different or MUCH later on the same computer.
* Bug #1544: EntryPointNotFoundException when using higlight area or blur
* Bug #1546: Exception in the editor when using multiple destination, among which the editor, and a picker (e.g. Word) is shown.
* Not reported: Canceling Imgur authorization or upload caused an NullPointerReference

* Added EXIF orientation support when copying images from the clipboard
* Feature #596: Added commandline option "/inidirectory " to specify the location of the greenshot.ini, this can e.g. be used for multi-profiles...
* Removed reading the greenshot.ini if it was changed manually outside of Greenshot while it is running, this should increase stability. People should now exit Greenshot before modifying this file manually.

* Printouts are now rotated counter-clockwise instead of clockwise, for most people this should be preferable (#1552)

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Current Development Status and Plans for the Future

So what have we been up to? You might have heard little of us, but this doesn’t mean we were sleeping!

Of course we were working on Greenshot 1.1.6, we fixed some mean bugs and even managed to squeeze in a few small features! We will release the new version within the next few days, so stay tuned :)

But mainly we were busy with working on and planning for Greenshot 2.0! We need to make some decisions on how we continue the development, these decisions do not cover which features we are going to develop but rather are important infrastructure changes. When the development of Greenshot started in 2007, .NET Framework 2.0 was used and the target OS was Windows XP. Up till today we didn’t change the .NET framework and still maintain code to support Windows XP, even though none of us has Windows XP anymore, which means that we cannot actually do the testing. You probably know that we are only a small development team, so we cannot support all Windows versions forever… Besides we are missing out on many features that Microsoft offers in newer versions of Windows and the .NET framework which we could use to improve on Greenshot. As .NET framework 2.0 and Windows XP both are getting end of lifed by Microsoft we will no longer be able to use and support these.

Based on these considerations, we decided two things:

  • Greenshot 2.0 will be mainly a migration to the newer .NET Framework 4.X and we will remove all special support for Windows Vista and earlier.
  • Of course, Greenshot 1.1 will still be available for download. This version works fine on Windows XP and Windows Vista, and we will fix major bugs if they occur, this should be enough for those who bravely stick to the older versions of Windows.

You might ask, “What benefit does this migration bring for me?” Well, we don’t plan many new features for 2.0, but we will be able to enable some hidden and prepared features and improve a lot of the current. As Greenshot was built on a user interface technology that has gotten long in the tooth, adding new settings wasted loads of efforts, which sometimes meant that we didn’t add them in the end. A lot of features, expert or new, were only available by changing the greenshot.ini manually. We are already building a new settings dialog where we can add them quickly and consistent, enhancing usability with an incremental search within the dialog. It is still work in progress, but here is a screenshot to give you an idea:

Greenshot 2.0 settings dialog (work in progress)

Finally, this should make it possible for us to improve the Greenshot experience, make the user interface feel more professional and finished.

One thing that does have to wait, is the editor. We have spent a lot of time developing it on the old framework, if we would wait with Greenshot 2.0 before this is migrated to the newer Framework you would have to wait for ages. We rather supply you with smaller treats, so you don’t have to wait so long.

Some other things that we are working on, maybe not so important for most of our users, is the migration our source code from subversion to GIT. This should speed up some of our development and also enable an easier way of helping us out by developing your favorite features yourself. For those that can develop C#, you can create a fork of Greenshot in a few clicks and send us your changes by pull-request (similar to github).

But first of all, we will get Greenshot 1.1.6 ready for you – we will let you know when it is available for download.

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Why a free web needs advertising

First of all: we would like to thank everybody who already donated to Greenshot: thank you so much! Of course, we also appreciate people visiting our website without blocking ads.

Maybe you wonder what we do with your donations and the advertising revenue? Or rather you are asking yourself “What the heck does a piece of code need money for?”. Well, free services and products like Greenshot need financial means to keep going, and unfortunately we aren’t backed by a company that covers our costs. Actually, we need a lot of things to generate this piece of code; our expenses involve costs for hardware, software, electricity, telecommunication, to name just a few… even if these costs wouldn’t exist, we would still work for free, in our spare time. And although we really enjoy developing Greenshot, it’s not just the programming which needs to be done. We spend a large amount of time working on the tickets that are reported (bugs, questions, feature request etc.), social media, coordinating the translations, maintaining this website, etc.

There are mainly two ways to generate at least some income: advertising and donations. Advertising revenue is just as crucial as donations to keep Greenshot running. Unfortunately, ad-blocking software reduces the strength of the advertising pillar. This is the case even if one never clicks any advertisements, since the advertising service we use also pays revenue for displayed ads (of course not as much as for clicks, but every bit helps).

Disabling Adblock for a specific domain For this reason, if you are using an ad-blocker, we kindly ask you to consider deactivating it on getgreenshot.org and any other websites you like, to support their and our work. We highly appreciate your consideration! To help you make your decision easier: there are no layer ads, interstitials, pop-ups or similar annoyances on our website, we also took care not to mix advertisements with content. And, most important: Greenshot itself is totally ad-free. Just fair, isn’t it?
Just think about paper magazines you might buy regularly: most of them print a considerable amount of ads to keep them going and you still do not get them for free.

If however for some reason you cannot or do not want to stop blocking ads, you might rather want to make a small donation instead?

Thanks for giving this a read and considering action :)

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New release with bugfixes and language updates for Greenshot 1.1

Two weeks ago we have published Greenshot 1.1. Just today we have uploaded an updated version (1.1.5), which fixes bugs that have been reported since then – most notably an error message occurring in Windows Vista when trying to apply a drop shadow or torn edge effect to a screenshot, and color prints being printed in grayscale under certain conditions.

We have also received some updates for the translations, which are included in this release: Estonian has been added as a new language (thanks a lot to Olav for submitting the translation), and there are updates for the Ukrainian, Russish, Polish and Italian translation as well.

For all of you interested in more details, read the change log below. Or just download the latest release from our downloads page.

Have fun :)

1.1.5 build 2643 Bugfix Release

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to http://sourceforge.net/p/greenshot/bugs and search on the ID):
* Bug #1510: Under Windows Vista when trying to apply a drop-shadow or a torn-edge effect a GDIPlus error occurs.
* Bug #1512/#1514: Will not print color
* Not reported: Annotations where not visible when exporting to Office destinations after writing in the Greenshot format.
* Not reported: Removed the update check in Greenshot for PortableApps

* New translation: Estonian
* Updated translations: Russian, Polish and Italian
* New installer translation: Ukrainian
* New plugin translations: Polish

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Greenshot 1.1 is available: Introducing the Capture Zoom

You may have noticed that we have been busy with release candidates in the last few weeks. Now, after three release candidates, the few issues that existend seem to be sorted out, so that Greenshot 1.1 is available for download now.

Greenshot's capture zoom featureGreenshot 1.1 includes one of the recently most requested features: the new capture zoom is very helpful while selecting a region to capture: it displays a magnified view of the area around the cursor, making it easy to select pixel-exact regions, no matter how tiny they are. The zoom view is flexible enough to stay out of your way as you move the cursor on the screen, but in case you do not want or need it, you can either toggle it off/on easily during capture region selection by hitting the Z key, or disable/enable it in the settings.

Another nice addition is a new output file format called “Greenshot”. When saving a screenshot from the image editor in Greenshot format, you will be able to re-open the file with Greenshot later and have your annotations, shapes etc. still editable.

PortableApps users will be happy to hear that Greenshot is now released for the PortableApps platform, too.

But these are just a few of the new features, there are some more, as well as a lot of bug fixes, extended/improved and/or added translations.

Have a look at the detailed change log entry for Greenshot 1.1 below, or head over to our download page right now to get hold of the new version. We hope you like it as much as we do :)

1.1.4 build 2622 Release

Features added:
* General: Added zoom when capturing with a option in the settings for disabling the zoom. (this can also be done via the "z" key while capturing.)
* General: Better Windows 8 integration: Capture window from list now has the apps and the interactive window capture is not confused by apps or the app launcher.
* General: Added Special-Folder support for the OutputPath/Filenames, now one can use the following values: MyPictures, MyMusic, MyDocuments, Personal, Desktop, ApplicationData, LocalApplicationData. Meaning one can now set the output path to e.g. ${MyPictures}
* General: Greenshot now also comes as a "for PortableApps" download, this now will be released just like the other files (installer & .zip)
* Editor: Added a new image format "Greenshot" which allows the user to save the current state and continue editing later. (was already in the
* Editor: The capture is now displayed in the center of the editor, the code for this was supplied by Viktar Karpach.
* Editor: Added horizontal and vertical alignment for text boxes.
* Printing: Added option to force monochrome (black/white) print
* Plug-in: Added Photobucket plugin

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to http://sourceforge.net/p/greenshot/bugs and search on the ID):
* Bug #1327, #1401 & #1410 : On Windows XP Firefox/java captures are mainly black. This fix should also work with other OS versions and applications.
* Bug #1340: Fixed issue with opening a screenshow from the clipboard which was created in a remote desktop
* Bug #1375, #1396 & #1397: Exporting captures to Microsoft Office applications give problems when the Office application shows a dialog, this is fixed by displaying a retry dialog with info.
* Bug #1375: Exported captures to Powerpoint were displayed cropped, which needed extra actions to correct.
* Bug #1378: Picasa-Web uploads didn't have a filename and the filename was shown as "UNSET" in Picasa-Web.
* Bug #1380: The window corners on Windows Vista & Windows 7 weren't cut correctly. While fixing this issue, we found some other small bugs which could cause small capture issues on Vista & 7 it also used more resources than needed.
* Bug #1386: Resize issues with some the plugin configuration dialogs.
* Bug #1390: Elements in 1.0 are drawn differently as in pre 1.0
* Bug #1391: Fixed missing filename in the Editor title
* Bug #1414: Pasting captures as HTML-inline in Thunderbird doesn't work when using 256-colors.
* Bug #1418: Fixed a problem with the editor initialization, in some small cases this gave an error as something happend at the same time.
* Bug #1426: Added some checks for some configuration values, if they were not set this caused an error
* Bug #1442: If copying an image from Outlook via the clipboard the image was cropped
* Bug #1443: Image exports to Microsoft Word didn't have the "Lock aspect ratio" set
* Bug #1444: Colors were disappearing when "Create an 8-bit image if colors are less than 256 while having a > 8 bits image" was turned on
* Bug #1462: Auto-filename generation cropping title text after period
* Bug #1481: when pasting elements from one editor into another the element could end up outside the visible area
* Bug #1484, #1494: External Command plug-in issues. e.g. when clicking edit in the External Command plug-in settings, than cancel, and than edit again an error occured.
* Bug #1499: Stability improvements for when Greenshot tries to open the explorer.exe
* Bug #1500: Error while dragging an obfuscation
* Bug #1504: InvalidCastException when using the brightness-filter
* Reported in forum: Fixed a problem with the OCR, it sometimes didn't work. See: http://sourceforge.net/p/greenshot/discussion/676082/thread/31a08c8c
* Not reported: Flickr configuration for the Family, Friend & Public wasn't stored.
* Not reported: If Greenshot is linked in a Windows startup folder, the "Start with startup" checkbox wasn't checked.
* Not reported: Some shortcut keys in the editor didn't respond.
* Not reported: Fixed some issues with capturing windows that were larger than the visible screen, logic should now be more reliable.
* Not reported: Fixed some cases where Dragging & Dropping an image from a browser on the editor lost transparency.
* Not reported: Undo while in an Auto-Crop made the editor unusable.
* Not reported: When first selecting a printer, the main printer destination has been replaced by the selected one, making the Windows printer dialog unavailable for further prints
* Not reported: Open last capture in explorer doesn't open the right location
* Not reported: Fixed some issues where the sub-menus of the context menu moved to the next screen.
* Not reported: When having Outlook installed but not the Office plugin there was no EMail destination.
... and more

* Added Indonesian
* Installer: Added Spanish
* Installer: Added Serbian
* Installer: Added Finnish
* General: Fixes for many languages

Known issues:
* Greenshot general: a captured I-Beam cursor isn't displayed correctly on the final result.
* Greenshot general: Not all hotkeys can be changed in the editor. When you want to use e.g. the pause or the Windows key, you will need to be modified the ini directly.
* Greenshot general: Can't capture 256 color screens
* Greenshot general: Hotkeys don't function when a UAC (elevated) process is active. This we won't change as it is a Windows security measure.
* Greenshot general: Capturing apps on Windows 8 when having more than one screen still causes some issues.
* Greenshot editor: Rotate only rotates the screenshot, not the added elements or cursor

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Getting Closer: Third Release Candidate for Greenshot 1.1 + Indonesian Translation

Today we have uploaded the third release candidate for version 1.1. We are very optimistic that this is the last release candidate and that we will release the final version of Greenshot 1.1 very soon.

The current release candidate fixes a bug when using the “Highlight Area” feature of the image editor. Furthermore, we are happy to announce a new language in the family of Greenshot translations: Indonesian is included from now on, you can download it for existing installations of previous versions from our downloads page.
Thanks a lot to Afif Brika, who created and submitted the translation.

By the way: a lot of translations are not up to date with version 1.1 yet. If you would like to enhance an existing translation (or even submit a new language), have a look at this blog post. Thanks :)

Enough talk for now, you can download the latest version from our version history page, and here is the changelog:

1.1.3 build 2596 Release Candidate 3

Features added since 1.1.2:
* Created a PortableApps version of Greenshot, this now will be released just like the other files (installer & .zip)

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to http://sourceforge.net/p/greenshot/bugs and search on the ID):
* Bug #1504: InvalidCastException when using the brightness-filter

* Added Indonesian

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