4 Responses to New domain, new look

  1. Jimmy Jet says:

    Greenshot is great! Thanks for making it. If I might suggest an enhancement: borders. A lot of the screen caps I take are on white backgrounds, and in documentation and emails and such I feel I need to set the images (often of text) apart from the text I write there. My current favorite is PicPick’s Marco 1 frame, which not only provides white space and a subtle frame, but also a great shadow effect.
    But I really like all the features of Greenshot, thanks again, and I wish you much success.

  2. Eric says:

    This software is really nice, and well programmed.

    What about having also the -NO-INSTALLER- version easy to find online?
    I tried a v.0.8xxx -NO-INSTALLER-v ersion, on USB, but process greenshot.exe died, io error, file not fount.
    Is this issue known?

  3. greenshot says:

    Thanks for your feedback :)
    We have actually decided to put the installer version front, since it is a lot easier to use and does not have any drawbacks.

    Regarding to your error: have you copied all the files and folders from the ZIP to the stick? It should not be a problem to run Greenshot from a USB stick.
    If you still encounter problems, please file a bug report.

  4. Robby says:

    awesome program!
    what i would really need to advertize your program is the ability to make screenshots of scrolled windows!
    that would definately make most other programs obsolete!
    keep it up!!