Greenshot goes multilingual – ready for translation

You may have noticed that since version 0.8, we are offering additional language files on our downloads page. Greenshot's user interface content is loaded from separate XML files now, which means that you can change existing language files or even add new languages simply by editing or adding an XML file. (There will probably be an easier feature in future versions, allowing the download of additional languages right out of Greenshot.)

At the time of this writing, Greenshot has already been translated to Czech, French, Russian and Traditional Chinese (thanks to vodim, EminoMeneko, Aleksey and Timothy Lin), a Dutch version is in progress already. English and German are included in Greenshot by default.

We are excited about seeing the Greenshot interface in different languages and hope that there are more to come.
If you create a translation for Greenshot, we would of course be very happy if you shared it with us and other Greenshot users.

Before starting a new translation, please make sure that none has been provided for this language yet in our translations tracker as well as in our SVN repository, to avoid the translation work being done twice.

In order to create a new translation, use an existing language file from your Greenshot installation (they are located in the Languages subdirectory of Greenshot's installation directory - please make sure that you are having the latest available version installed) and duplicate it using the respective language code in the filename. Make sure the filename is still something like language_##_##.xml. Open the file using a text editor and translate the entries.
When you are done, please upload the translation to our translations tracker, we will offer it for download as soon as possible.

Please note that we prefer translations from registered users. For a simple reason: it allows for other users to contact the translator about enhancements or improvements. Feel free to discuss things with a translation's creator in the tracker, because - in most of the cases - the Greenshot development team will not be able to discuss about specific languages with you.

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who wants to do a translation.