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Greenshot’s configuration is stored within a single file called greenshot.ini. You can either find it in the program directory (if... read more
It depends on your definition of portability. Some people would argue that it is not, because it needs to have... read more
Maybe you missed it, in the mean time we released an OSX version of Greenshot, more about it here For... read more
Actually, there is. With Greenshot 1.1 we have released an additional installer in PortableApps format, you can download it from... read more
Currently, there is no way to turn this off. If you cannot live with it doing so, we recommend using... read more
There are several ways to show your appreciation for Greenshot, Paypal, Flattr, direct transfer or the Amazon affiliate program. Greenshot... read more
By default, Greenshot is designed to start up automatically with Windows. You can change this either during the installation process... read more
Before talking about memory usage, let's make sure we are talking the same language: there are some points to notice,... read more
Greenshot keeps its configuration in a file called Greenshot.ini. Its storage location depends on which version of Greenshot you are... read more
Greenshot is free in terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Basically, that means that end users may use... read more
In case you encounter things not working as expected in Greenshot, the log file might help you: it hopefully contains... read more
If you think you encountered an error, feel free to create a bug report ticket in our ticketing system. You... read more
If you are using Windows Vista or later and have Greenshot running without admininstrator privileges, while the currently active (i.e.... read more
There are some special keys that are handled differently by Windows and therefore cannot be inserted into the hotkey configuration... read more
Yes. Greenshot is written with and for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and can't run without having this installed. Any... read more
The majority of users will be happy to use the exe installer. We recommend to do so, it is the... read more
The Exe Installer does the following things: check pre-requisites (.NET 2.0 or higher) display the license, ask where and what... read more
This documentation will help you if want to have more control over Greenshots configuration, for instance to pre-set a language... read more
For the Greenshot OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plug-in to work we are depending on a component from Microsoft called MODI... read more
As of version 1.1, Greenshot has functionality to use PNG optimizers, like OptiPNG, which can reduce the filesize of PNG... read more
Usually, screenshot annotations are of a brief nature and thus don't need paragraphs and line breaks - this is why... read more
If you need to copy&paste into Skype, have a look into the settings dialog, Expert tab. After confirming that you... read more
In case you are using Windows 8, you might see a message when starting Greenshot, saying "An app on your... read more
You are probably trying to take a screenshot of a focused application by right-clicking Greenshot's systray icon, right? Please use... read more
Most probably, this is due to other software reserving the PrntScreen key. This could basically be any software that considers... read more
This document describes how to make Greenshot skip loading of certain plugins, or not to show certain destinations. Plug-in The... read more
Every now and then we get reports of users who have anti-virus software which detects something in Greenshot, and they... read more
Greenshot can be configured to upload screenshots to your Jira Server or Jira Cloud instance. With version 1.2.9 and later... read more
Whenever you experience unexpected behavior in Greenshot, it is a good idea to consult Greenshot’s log file - it’s also... read more
To turn off logging, locate the file log4net.xml, which is located in the same folder as the Greenshot.exe file. Create... read more
It’s possible to install Microsoft Office via Click-To-Run, can Greenshot still export to my Office applications if I use this?... read more
Associate an app to a file format by right clicking on an image and select Open with from the menu... read more
Yes, a few are implemented. Find the actual list by running the executable on the command line with the parameter... read more
This can be done by the so called external commands. Here you find some interesting descriptions about them: How to... read more
If you want to contribute code (or anything else that might be subject to copyright) to our repository we ask... read more