Privacy Policy

First of all: We, the Greenshot development team, are not interested in your data. We do neither collect, store, process nor sell any personal data from our users. That said: as a small group of developers who are running this free software project in their spare time, of course we depend on third party services e.g. to run this website, manage our codebase or receive donations. Depending on your usage of these services (like anything else you visit or use on the internet), those parties can collect data about you.

Our Website:


Our website is hosted by Github using Github Pages. Like any other website hosting service, it can access and store data when you visit a site on their servers, e.g. which specific pages you visited on their server, your IP address or the browser you are using.
More details in Github’s Privacy Statement

We are using Cloudflare as a content delivery network to make our website faster and safer. The service improves page load times by hosting cached pages of our websites on servers all over the world. Furthermore, it protects our website hosting service (and thus, our visitors) from malicious attacks, e.g. DDoS attacks. Cloudflare works as an intermediate between you browser and the servers hosting the actual website, and thus, can access and store data in a similar way as the website hosting provider.
Find our more in Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy

The stylish fonts on our website are hosted by Google Fonts. Like any website hosting service, it has access to the data sent by your browser when you visit websites or download files (see above).
See Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Fonts: What does using the Google Fonts API mean for the privacy of my users?


We are using Google Analytics on our website to track page views and gain insight into how people are using our website. Google Analytics is embedded as a script into our website and thus is entitled to place cookies on our behalf. In addition to the data described above, it also has access to a few more details of your visit (e.g. how long you stay on a particular page) and the technical capabilities of your system (e.g. screen resolution). We have configured Google Analytics to only store anonymized IP addresses, because we have absolutely no interest in tracking the behavior of indiviual visitors.
More info in Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Analytics: IP Anonymization in Analytics


Beneath donations, advertisements are one of the few ways to generate at least a small revenue to compensate for the time and effort we have spent over the years (and are still spending) to offer this free piece of software. For that reason, we have integrated Google Adsense into our site, carefully choosing positions to make sure the ads do not obstruct your use of our page. We also took care to clearly mark advertisements as such and visually separate them from our page content, to avoid accidental clicks. Google and its partners can access the same basic data as any other website/service you visit or download files from (see above), in addition they use third party cookies to make sure the displayed ads fit your interests as good as possible.



Cookies are small amounts of data that websites can store in your browser, e.g. to store website-specific settings or a unique identifier to see whether you have visited the website before.

First Party Cookies

We use few first-party cookies (i.e. cookies that are placed on behalf of on our website, some are technically necessary in order to safely operate our site, others are important for us to understand how visitors use this website.

The __cfduid cookie is used by Cloudflare “to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. (…) This cookie is strictly necessary for Cloudflare’s security features and cannot be turned off.”
Read more at Cloudflare: What does the Cloudflare cfduid cookie do?

The __utma, __utmb, __utmc, etc. cookies are used by Google analytics to “Determine which domain to measure, Distinguish unique users, Throttle the request rate, Remember the number and time of previous visits, Remember traffic source information, Determine the start and end of a session, Remember the value of visitor-level custom variables”.
Google offers opt-out plugins for various browsers, providing “website visitors the ability to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics”.
Find out more in Google’s Privacy Policy and Google Analytics: Cookie Usage on Websites

Third Party Cookies

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to this website or other websites. Google’s use of advertising cookies enables it and its partners to serve ads to you based on your visit to this site and/or other sites on the internet.
You can opt-out of personalized advertising in Google’s Ad Settings
See also Google’s Privacy Policy

Our Applications

Greenshot for Windows

Our Windows application does not send any data to our or any other servers as long as you not explicitely initiate it or configure Greenshot to do so, with a single exception:

Update Check

By default, Greenshot checks for updates in order to notify you in case a newer version is available. It does so by sending an HTTP request to a specific file hosted with our website, which contains information about the latest version. The request is processed by Github as our hosting service and Cloudflare as our content delivery network, who can see the IP address the request originates from. See Hosting section above.


Several plugins available for Greenshot allow to conveniently upload screenshots third party web applications or to share screenshots with others. Of course, if you configure Greenshot to send data to specific third party services, it will send data to specific third party services :) Please refer to the respective service’s data policy, terms of use, etc.

Greenshot for Mac

Our Mac application does not send any data to our or any other servers.

Your Contribitions

If you want to contribute code (or anything else that might be subject to copyright) to our repository we ask you to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA), like many other open source projects. Your signature will be stored in [CLAassistant] by SAP SE. See also: [CLAassistant’s Terms of Service & Privacy Policy]

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