Greenshot now available in Swedish, Finnish, Greek and Hebrew language

We have received a bunch of new translations from friendly users :)

We are happy to announce that Greenshot translation files are now available for Swedish (Tack, Eric F.), Finnish (Kiitos, Jari Majaniemi), Greek (Χάρη, ΓΙΩΡΓΟ ΣΚΟΥΝΤΖΗ) and Hebrew (תודה, רן ששון).
Furthermore, grazie to tonytogna and gracias to Alejandro de Gárate for submitting revised versions of the Italian and Spanish translations.

Thanks to dedicated users, Greenshot is now available in 18 languages - wow... this is really great :)

You can get hold of all translations on our download page - just download the desired language file and save it to the "Languages" subdirectory of Greenshot's installation directory.

Your language is still missing? Have a look at our translations tracker - maybe someone has already submitted it, but we have not found the time to check it and put it onto the website.
If there is none, and you would like to submit a translation of your own, you are very welcome to upload it there, of course.

Thanks again to all translators - good job :)