New Greenshot translations: Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, Persian, Ukrainian and Portuguese

Greenshot keeps getting around: in the past few months we have received some more translations submitted from industrious users all over the world, helping to make Greenshot available to a wide audience in their preferred language.

Among the newest translations are Vietnamese and Korean (thanks to Nguyen Vu Hung and Scott UC), there are Arabic and Persian language files available now, too (kudos to Ramzy Samman, Jamal Mashal and Dadkan Mirzaee) for these. We are also glad to see the Ukrainian version of Greenshot (translated by oleksandr-6c6c6).
Another newcomer is Portuguese, Brasil (by Célio Eduardo Gonçalves Costa) as well as Portugal (by Paulo Carreiro)... great job everybody :)

Phew. I hope there's nothing missing now, the list keeps growing :)

All in all this makes Greenshot available in 26 different languages now, which is really impressive! Again, thanks to all translators for their support.

You can download all translations on the Greenshot download page – just download the desired language file and save it to the “Languages” subdirectory of Greenshot’s installation directory. The new language will be available after Greenshot has been restarted. (If it is not, please check whether your operating system supports the language.)

Your language is still missing? Have a look at our translations tracker – maybe someone has already submitted it, but we have not found the time to check it and put it onto the website.
If there is none, and you would like to submit a translation of your own, you are very welcome to upload it there, of course.