Working towards Greenshot 1.0

If you have been following the published unstable versions and release candidates of Greenshot you might be wondering "What has happened to Version 0.8.1? There have been several release candidates some time ago... when will it finally be released?"

Well, there's bad news and good news. The bad news is that there won't be a 0.8.1 release at all. The good news... no... the really awesome news is: we will release Greenshot 1.0 soon! Yay!

Yes, that's right: after five years, we are finally going to push Greenshot out of beta, with the probably most grown-up, most feature-crammed, most-stable and most-bug-free Greenshot version ever.

Why? While working on the release candidates for 0.8.1 the feature-set still grew very rapidly with every version, and (kudos to our hard-working team member Robin) several long and often requested features have been implemented and also a lot of bugs of the previous version have been eliminated. After some time, we decided that a minor release would not do justice to the terrific list of changes.
With the current status being very stable we also thought it would be a good idea to leave beta status and put the 1 before the dot.
Of course, we will publish a complete list of changes when publishing a new version, but just to name a few of the new features:

  • configurable hotkeys: choose the keys to be used to create screenshots
  • improved portability (ZIP version): configuration files are written to the unzipped directory instead of the user's application data
  • Aero (DWM) window capture support on Windows Vista and 7 (transparent borders)

When? We cannot give you a release date yet (remember: we are doing this in our spare time, which is limited as for most people). But we will start publishing release candidates within the next few weeks and are very optimistic that it will not take very long from the first release candidate to the final release.

We will let you know when there are release candidates and - of course - when Greenshot 1.0 is finally out, our blog will keep you up to date, you might also want to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.