Updated: Getting closer... third release candidate for Greenshot 1.0 published today

Update: RC3 has introduced two annoying bugs with several plugins, RC4 fixes those and is available now.

Read the RC4 release post for details.

There is a German saying "Gut Ding will Weile haben", meaning roughly "good things need time".
For Greenshot 1.0 RC3 we took a bit more time than planned, we want to make Greenshot 1.0 as good as possible and this time was needed.
As we made a lot of changes the risk for new bugs is higher, but if found these will be fixed quickly with RC4 / RC5.
The final release should be shortly after RC4 RC5.

Download the latest Greenshot release candidate from our version history page.

The exact details of the changes in Greenshot 1.0 RC3 are listed below, but here are the biggest:
* Performance improvements, in several areas but mainly noticeable directly after captures.
* The upload plugins now use our own code, this made it possible to get a consistent experience when authorizing with different platforms
* By removing a lot of 3rd party libs Greenshot is now smaller, should also use a bit less memory and most upload plugins no longer need .NET 3.5
* Finally fixed a bug in our shadow/torn edges effect which forced us to use a white background, now we can use transparency.
* A lot of small bug and translation fixes

Happy Greenshotting!

Here's the complete changelog for RC3:

1.0.3 build 2159 Release Candidate 3</p>

Features added:
* The Imgur plugin now has login support, uncheck the "Annonymous" checkbox in the settings.
* Added new languages, see our blog
* Moved Office destinations to their own plugin, making it possible for people to install Greenshot without

Bugs resolved:
* Fixed OCR not working on Windows in 64 bit modus. People who want to use OCR without having office, read our FAQ!
* Fixed a performance issue with the windows capture.
* Fixed issues with Dropbox authentication, using our own OAuth implementation
* Fixed problems with generating transparency for shadow & torn edges.
* Fixed 2 bugs with the capture last region, see bug #3569703
* Fixed weird window titles showing up in the "Capture Internet Explorer from list"
* Fixed some more bugs with the dynamic destination picker and also fixed a small general issue with Office destinations.
* Removed unneeded files in the installer, making it smaller
* Fixed a lot of small translation texts and some icons in menus
* Fixed missing translations and enlarged some labels of settings for several plugins: external command, Jira, Imgur, Flickr and Picasa
* Fixed some upload issues, most uploads should have better performance and use less memory. Also removed some dependencies, which make the plugins and Greenshot smaller and work with .NET 2.0

Features removed:
* Remove any history management of all non annonymous upload plug-ins, Greenshot is for uploading not managing uploads.

Known issues:
* Greenshot general: the I-Beam cursor isn't displayed correctly on the final result.
* Greenshot general: Not all hotkeys can be changed in the editor. For example the pause or the Windows key need to be modified directly in the ini.
* Greenshot editor: Rotate only rotates the screenshot, not the added elements or cursor
* Confluence Plug-in: the retrieving of the current page from firefox only works on the currently displayed Firefox tab. This is a problem since Firefox 13 and it is currently unknown if there is a fix.