New release with bugfixes and language updates for Greenshot 1.1

Two weeks ago we have published Greenshot 1.1. Just today we have uploaded an updated version (1.1.5), which fixes bugs that have been reported since then - most notably an error message occurring in Windows Vista when trying to apply a drop shadow or torn edge effect to a screenshot, and color prints being printed in grayscale under certain conditions.

We have also received some updates for the translations, which are included in this release: Estonian has been added as a new language (thanks a lot to Olav for submitting the translation), and there are updates for the Ukrainian, Russish, Polish and Italian translation as well.

For all of you interested in more details, read the change log below. Or just download the latest release from our downloads page.

Have fun :)

1.1.5 build 2643 Bugfix Release</p>

Bugs resolved (for bug details go to and search on the ID):
* Bug #1510: Under Windows Vista when trying to apply a drop-shadow or a torn-edge effect a GDIPlus error occurs.
* Bug #1512/#1514: Will not print color
* Not reported: Annotations where not visible when exporting to Office destinations after writing in the Greenshot format.
* Not reported: Removed the update check in Greenshot for PortableApps

* New translation: Estonian
* Updated translations: Russian, Polish and Italian
* New installer translation: Ukrainian
* New plugin translations: Polish