Release candidate 1 for 1.2.9

Today we present you the first release candidate for Greenshot 1.2.9 which should fix a lot of issues with 1.2.8 and add some new features.

One of the most significant changes is that from this version onwards we sign Greenshot with a code signing certificate. This should helps personal users and companies to feel more secure knowing the installed software is really from us. We will write a separate blog on what we things we do to keep Greenshot secure without adware, malware and viruser.

Other significant changes:

  • Imgur upload gives 403 errors
  • Jira API doesn't work anymore

As always you can download it from our downloads page, in this case via the version history. By the way: please be sure to always download Greenshot from our official website, which is A lot of platforms offer downloads of free and open source software as well, but there have been several cases of installer files being corrupted or bundled with malware. So: always get greenshot from :)

Here is the complete changelog for the 1.2.9 release candidate 1:

All details to our tickets can be found here: RC1

This is a release candidate for the coming release of Greenshot.
**Testing is not finished, use at your own risk...**

Changes for the following reported tickets were added since

Fixed bugs:
* BUG-1762 Dropshadow & tornedge prompts for settings every time
* BUG-1812 Editor opens outside the screen
* BUG-1876 Already running message, multi user environment
* BUG-1884 OCR text has trailing blank spaces
* BUG-1887 Editor hangs on exit - hang time proportional to number of objects
* BUG-1890 Slight cropping around window on Windows 10
* BUG-1892 Greenshot saves blank JPG file with reduce colors
* BUG-1896 JIRA Plugin doesn't work with JIRA Server v7.0
* BUG-1898 Specify GPLv3 in the license text
* BUG-1908 External Command, add commands at startup
* BUG-1918 Editor Speechbubble Artifacts when shadow and transparent
* BUG-1933 Greenshot Installer sets bad registry key permission
* BUG-1935 Delay when pasting and ShapeShifter from FlameFusion is running
* BUG-1941 Error when creating a speech bubble in the editor
* BUG-1945 Failure starting Greenshot at system startup
* BUG-1949 Can't delete Imgur upload
* BUG-1965 Activation border around window is visible in the capture
* BUG-1991 Greenshot portable (PAF) uses wrong log configuration
* BUG-1992 OutputFilePath setting is wrong config used on a different system
* BUG-2011 Editor issues when the font is gone or broken

Added features:
* FEATURE-916 Added icon save format (capture will be resized to 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 or 256x256)
* FEATURE-919 Added a way to increase the editor canvas size (use Ctrl + / Ctrl -)
* FEATURE-945 Added environment variables resolving to the external command plugin
* FEATURE-946 Updated to Inno-Setup 5.5.9 for improved installer security
* FEATURE-958 Greenshot is now using code signing certificates

Added or modified translation:
* CatalĂ  by Gabriel Guix.
* Nederlands by Stephan Paternotte