Greenshot 1.2.6 Mac OS update

As we told before, summer break is over! After the Greenshot update for Windows, here comes the Mac OS update.

Version 1.2.6 is out now for download. Below is a list of the added features:

  • New resize function: You can now resize your screenshots in the editor using the menu “edit -> resize” or CMD-R.
  • The long requested ImgUr upload is now ready to use. At the moment you can find it in the editor but most probably you will soon be able to upload directly from the destination picker as well.
  • The arrows are now significantly smaller because lots of you requested that. In a future version you will be able to change the size of the arrows.

By the way: Greenshot for Mac is ready for High Sierra. It’s already fully tested and you should have no issues with Greenshot when updating.

Have fun using Greenshot and keep writing the good reviews!

We also appreciate it a lot when people post their issues in our bugtracker, so please keep doing that!