Introducing the brand new Greenshot Language Editor - translators wanted

About two years ago we have added internationalization to Greenshot by simply adding translated XML files to the installation directory. Today, Greenshot is available in nearly 30 different languages, most of which have been provided by motivated users from all over the world. Thanks to all of you, we really appreciate your support :)
"Nearly 30" is a fairly impressive number, even more if you consider that creating and updating translations has been a bit uncomfortable until now: one had to edit XML files manually, and sometimes it proved to be a bit hard to find new messages to update an existing translation within the XML code.

Good news for our friendly translators: we have developed an all-new Greenshot Language Editor, especially for editing Greenshot's translation file. Creating and updating translations has never been so easy: it offers a side-by-side view of two language files, so that you can use a complete language file as template for updating another language. Just a few steps to create a new or update an existing translation:

  1. Make sure you have the latest translation files on your hard disc. It is a generally a good idea to retrieve them right from our versioning system.
  2. Download the Greenshot Language Editor and start it by double-clicking the file
  3. Select the local folder containing your translation files
  4. Choose the language file to edit (or create a new one by clicking the "Create" button)
  5. Choose another language file to be used as template in the other column (e.g. lanugage-en-US.xml)
  6. Missing messages are highlighted with a red background. Add messages to your translation or update existing entries.
  7. Save the new/updated translation file by clicking the "Save" button
  8. Upload the updated file to our translations tracker

That's it.

As we have just started off with release candidates for Greenshot 1.0, now is a good moment to update existing translations for the final release. Most likely, we will not add any more messages for the next version, and of course we'd be very happy to see many translations up-to-date when we release the final version of Greenshot 1.0. If you want to help out, why don't you give the new language editor a try? And, of course, as with Greenshot itself: please let us know if you encounter any problems with the editor, too.

Thanks a lot for your help.