Constructive feedback is always welcome

Dear Greenshot users,

When you encounter problems with Greenshot or need any assistance, we are happy to help out as much as we can. However, to ensure that we can actually be helpful, we kindly ask you to provide the following details with your bug report / support request:

  1. Operating system and its version on which you are facing the issue.
  2. The version of Greenshot and where you downloaded it, espcially if it wasn't from
  3. A detailed description of your problem, what happened, and what did you expect to happen instead, please also include a step-by-step guide how the problem can be reproduced.
  4. If you have found a solution (or workaround) for the problem, please update the ticket and tell us (and the other users) about the rescue.
  5. Please be polite and patient. We know that it can be nagging if software does not work as expected, but be sure that it isn't our intention to make this software as annoying as possible for you.

Always keep in mind: the better you describe the problem, the better we can be of help with it. The community will be thankful as well. The information you put down in our tracker might be a great help for other users.

On a side note, Greenshot is not made by a company and we don't ask money for it or earn money with it.
We develop Greenshot and work on reported bugs/features in our spare time when we don't work on our regular jobs or have other private obligations; this might sometimes prevent us from helping someone as quickly as we would like. The reason why we make Greenshot is simply that we enjoy writing something that people enjoy using.

As answering every ticket and satisfying everybody takes a lot of time which we would actually rather spend developing new features and fixing bugs (to be honest) we needed to make some rules clear. We are still doing our best to make everybody happy because we believe that it is important to stay in touch with the users in order to develop usable and good software, that’s part of the game.

But please do not take it personally if our replies are slower and kept shorter than what you are used to by professional and commercial 24/7 customer service offices. We just can't offer that; if we did, Greenshot definitely could not be free. It's up to you to help us responding to your requests helpfully and with few expenditure of time, by submitting constructive feedback (see list above) and staying polite. And: the less time we spend replying to tickets, the more time we can spend acutually improving this software :)

Please keep these things in mind when getting in touch with bug reports or feature/support requests.

By the way: we will remove the possibility to create and comment tickets anonymously in our bug tracker. On the one hand, this is because there is an increasing amount of spam lately. On the other hand, tickets created anonymously very often lack important information and are not monitored by the creator to reply when we ask for details. These tickets are obviously not helpful to anyone, yet take a lot of our time to process. If you need to get in touch, please register with or connect with OpenID, it's quite simple.

Thanks for using Greenshot and taking the time to read this,
the Greenshot development team