Greenshot Says Goodbye to Facebook

greenshot-goodbye-facebookWhen we started Greenshot’s Facebook page back in 2009, it was a brilliant thing for us to have… obviously, a lot of our users were using Facebook as well, and it was a good way to send out project-specific updates to a peer that showed interest in Greenshot (i.e. liked the page). After all, RSS and Atom feeds are not for fancy enough for everyone – so it was a good idea to offer an alternative.

Throughout the years, Facebook has changed a lot, especially with regards to how they handle posts from pages. If you have been using Facebook for some years, you may remember the time when they took more control over your stream and started to silently filter out many posts – in order to protect their users from being over-flooded with posts, they said (which still does not explain why even feeds with a very low post frequency are being filtered).

So, Facebook’s idea is that we should pay for our friends (or fans or likers, whatever you want to call it) to actually see our posts, even though these people had actively indicated interested in our project.

Well, we do understand that even a company like Facebook needs to generate some revenue, but not on our expense. We are not some creepy marketing agency, baiting for social likes and shares in order to sell stuff afterwards. We are a small open source project driven by few people in their spare time, giving away quality software for free – there is no such thing as a marketing budget, obviously.

Sure, we could continue to use Facebook for free – but it really does a bad job for publishing information.

That’s why we decided that we will no longer actively maintain Greenshot’s Facebook page. The page will still be available, and of course you are welcome to like and share – but there won’t be any more updates, also comments and messages are deactivated. We hope that’s okay for you. If not, sorry for the inconvenience – it’s nothing personal, really.

We suggest to follow up on our blog on (there’s an RSS feed also), or to follow Greenshot on Twitter.
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