New bugfix release: Greenshot 1.2.5

We have just uploaded a new bugfix release, available on our downloads page. It fixes some bugs that have been reported since the last release, as well as translation updates provided by industrious users all around the world.

Most notable, the previous version had introduced issues with alignment and scaling of text components in the editor - both are fixed now. We have also resolved problems where torn edge and drop shadow settings were not remembered correctly. And of course, thanks a lot to Afif Brika, Jin-Hwan Jeong, Luis Neves and thierry who did a great job with updating the Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese and French translation of Greenshot.

A note to users of Greenshot’s Imgur plugin: previous versions of the plugin by default used the screenshot’s window title as image title for Imgur and uploaded the file using the original filename, as generated by Greenshot. Some users correctly pointed out that there are cases in which window titles might contain text that is not meant to be shared along with the screenshot (e.g. IP addresses, user names, etc.). We have changed the default behavior of the Imgur plugin to no longer use window title and filename for Imgur uploads. But please note that this change only affects fresh installations of Greenshot - existing configuration files of previous Greenshot installations are not modified by installing the new version. But if you are concerned about this, there is an easy way to change this manually in Greenshot’s configuration file. (Be sure to close Greenshot before modifying the configuration, otherwise the change might be overwritten again.) Just find the following two entries and set them to False, as below: ; Is the title passed on to Imgur AddTitle=False ; Is the filename passed on to Imgur AddFilename=False

As always, feel free to study the details of this release in the recent change log below and the respective tickets in our JIRA, or just go ahead and grab the latest release from our downloads page.

All details to our tickets can be found here: RELEASE

Bugs Resolved:

  • BUG-1578, BUG-1657: by default, Imgur plugin no longer passes title and filename to Imgur (for new installations, existing configuration files won’t be affected)
  • BUG-1655: Greenshot uses the default proxy, even if the “use default proxy” check-box is not checked.
  • BUG-1730: File type in the Save-As dialog doesn’t default to configured output format.
  • BUG-1735: Editor crashed when trying to scale down a screenshot with text element
  • BUG-1741: Fixed a bug in the confluence plug-in, error when searching for nothing, by improving the upload GUI.
  • BUG-1750: Filename pattern is now checked for invalid characters to avoid exception when saving directly.
  • BUG-1752: Fixed horizontal alignment for text boxes
  • BUG-1753: Fixed problem with saving/loading of the drop shadow & torn edge effects


  • Portuguese (Portugal): application translation updates + new translation for plugin and help, thanks to Luis Neves
  • Indonesian: translation updates, thanks to Afif Brika
  • Korean: translation updates + new translation for plugins and help, thanks to Jin-Hwan Jeong
  • French: translation updates, thanks to thierry </code>