Greenshot 1.2.9 January Bug Bash

Good news everyone!

Today we present you the result of our January Greenshot Bug Bash, Greenshot! During this bug bash we fixed 24 bugs, to make this possible we worked around 18 “after work evenings” and three weekends (in 28 days). We would like to thank all people for taking time to report bugs, without we wouldn’t be able to know about them. Especially the people who reported bugs and were available for questions & testing have our utmost gratitude, without them we would not haven been able to fix this amount of bugs in such a short time.

You can find the complete list of all changes below.

Some special notes for people coming from Greenshot 1.2.8 (or older):

  • For Jira plug-in users:
    • As Atlassian dropped the SOAP API, the Jira plug-in now uses the REST API. This was introduced with Jira 5.x, but the oldest version we were able to test against is 6.1.3 so we can’t garantee it works for anything older
    • To make it possible to keep using the Jira plug-in we used code which was due in Greenshot 2.0, this is why the Jira plug-in now needs .NET 4.5
  • We changed the behavior of the effect buttons: left mouse click directly applies and the right mouse click brings up the settings first.
  • .greenshot files saved with 1.2.8 (or earlier) cannot be read with 1.2.9, currently there is no workaround for this except to keep with 1.2.8

A special note for people coming from Greenshot or

  • With we changed the windows capture to remove the border, which not everybody likes. This is rolled back with this version (, and we need to see how to make this functionality available via a setting.

With this version we added another translation, and reached a total of 37 languages with our latest addition: Taqbaylit

P.S. In case you missed it, we now also have an OSX version of Greenshot.

Happy screenshottinggreenshotting,
Your Greenshot team

Release notes for Greenshot RELEASE

List of bugs fixed:

Ticket Description
BUG-2051 Scroll-lock button not usable as hotkey
BUG-2056 Cannot export to external command Paint.NET if .greenshot format is used
BUG-2081 Canvas resize (Ctrl + / Ctrl -) only works via numpad keys
BUG-2093 Shadow effects not rendering correctly on Windows 10
BUG-2095 ‘Save as’ doesn’t remember last saved directory (after restart)
BUG-2097 Window border is not captured on Windows 10
BUG-2102 InvalidOperationException when selecting a color
BUG-2104 Speechbubble can’t be used after copy/paste
BUG-2105 Window border is not captured on Windows 10
BUG-2108 Capture last region doesn’t work
BUG-2109 Double-click on textbox causes NullReferenceException
BUG-2111 Drag and Drop image file on editor doesn’t work
BUG-2114 Storage location reset to default if not available during start
BUG-2115 Error while trying to upload screen shot to Jira
BUG-2116 MemberAccessException when opening the color dialog
BUG-2119 Crash on editing (dragged line)
BUG-2120 Greenshot Editor Canvas Changed to White Screen
BUG-2121 NullReferenceException when moving text
BUG-2122 Jira Plugin: Crash when uploading to Jira
BUG-2124 Flickr plugin generates wrong image link
BUG-2125 Send to OneNote does not work
BUG-2126 MemberAccessException during un-DropShadow of Ellipse
FEATURE-992 When reusing the editor, it is not brought to the front (fix)
FEATURE-998 Opening last capture in explorer should select/jump to the file (fix)