Greenshot for MAC 1.2.2

We just released our third build of Greenshot for Mac OS, version 1.2.2.

Thanks to all of our users, you’re awesome! We got a lot of great feedback and as it seems, there are just a few minor flaws at the moment. That’s a great start.

Please keep writing those nice AppStore reviews. We’re reading every single one of them!

When you want to report an error or have a feature request, please file it in our bug tracker. That way you can be sure the issue will be taken care of and also you’ll get noticed when we work on it.

Some of you guys already had a few feature requests and we’re doing them one by one.

In the current version we added some of them and also fixed some bugs:

  • The most requested feature was the tool to add the number badges. Here it is.
  • When drawing very short arrows, the arrowhead now shrinks a bit. In the future you will most probably be able to adjust the size of the arrows to your liking.
  • You can now turn off the hints about editing text in the preferences window.
  • The default filename prefix is now configurable.
  • We redesigned the app icon.
  • Some minor issues not worth mentioning ;-)