Greenshot 1.2.8 Mac OS update

Hey guys,

we hope you’re doing well during the corona crisis and you all stay healthy!

While many of you are working from home at the moment we noticed an increase of downloads escpacially of the mac version of Greenshot and so we finally managed to put out a new release of Greenshot. It mainly fixes some issues with Catalina.

As you might have noticed, Catalina introduced some major changes regarding security and so every app requiring screen recording needs permission by the user. When you started Greenshot on Catalina for the first time, you got a popup window telling you so, but you might have ignored it (don’t we all do this?). If so, all your screenshots will only have your desktop background image and nothing else. To fix this, go to “System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Screen Recording” and activate Greenshot.

We are very sorry for not being able to release for such a long time but we all really had so much going on in our private lives that it just wasn’t manageable for us. I hope, this is going to change in the near future. Anyway, we are still very excited about developing Greenshot and have great plans for the future to keep Greenshot a big part of the productivity ecosystem.

Have fun, stay safe and wash your hands! ;-)