Current Status of Greenshot

Hey folks,

You haven’t heard from us for a long time, so it’s high time we gave you an update.

tl;dr: We are struggling with a lack of time, but are gradually trying to pick up speed again.

You may have noticed that the activity in this project has decreased a lot recently: the last release was a while ago, tickets remain unanswered for a long time, etc. Occasionally people have asked whether the project has been abandoned or whether (and when) a new release is coming.

You probably know that this project is run by a few people entirely in their spare time, that’s the little time we have left beneath our full-time jobs, families, homes, etc. At the moment, our capacities are more limited than ever before. Of course, this is clearly noticeable in our communication with you, and our internal communication is also affected by this, which slows some things down even more.

In addition, we are currently not in a position to publish signed releases. This is due to organizational issues that we need to clarify. Our goal is to get all the issues sorted out bit by bit so that we can hopefully provide a stable release again soon.

For everyone who can’t wait: there are also unstable releases available. „Unstable“ means that the releases are not signed (Windows probably displays a warning before installation - make sure to always get Greenshot from „Unstable“ also means that the releases have not been thoroughly tested, so unexpected behavior can occur. But „unstable“ also means that the release contains bleeding edge features, and some quite interesting things have been developed since the last stable release.

So, please bear with us. We’re doing our best to get everything running again, but it will take some time.